Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summer's Wind Down

There is something bittersweet about this time of year.

The last few weeks of summer hint of cooler temperatures and the anticipation of Autumn, my favorite season. I often refer to it as the 'dying season'. Hubby says I'm crazy, but there is a stillness that starts to creep over the mountains and forest. Plants and trees take on a different role, the lushness of their midsummer blooms starts to wane. The animals and insects know the season is drawing to a close, as their nighttime calls and chirps change along with the gathering, stashing, and hibernation preparations.

The cooler nighttime temperatures are an inspiration for the fall season. With low sixty degree temperatures at night, I've started working on a developing our own mitten pattern. It's slow going, but I want something to be worked in the round, that can be adjusted for baby and adult sizes.

I'm also looking forward to completing some custom woolens for a few of my best customers. Here is one I just finished; a soaker skirtie, knit with the Juliette pattern by Julibeans. I used the entire 10 ounces of wool that Megs sent me, beautiful Cestari dyed by Blackbird Designs in the Neapolitan colorway. It should fit pretty well with some room to grow.


  1. Fall is all I can think about, and here I am in the South West frying eggs on the sidewalk... Envious of your cooler weather...
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  2. I HAVE to get Izzy a skirty now. You do amazing work my love!

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  6. So cute! I wish I had that kind of talent!

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  8. Fall is my favourite season too. I can't wait for the cooler temps to arrive and the crisp smell of fall to waft in through my windows.

    I LOVE that soaker skirtie! If I used fitteds rather than pockets on my little one, I would need to get one of those.

    Following from MFM. Hope to see you around.