Sunday, January 27, 2013

4/52: A Different Perspective

This year I am participating in Paint the Moon's Let's Do 52 Project for 2013. The overall theme for the year is This is Our Life

Week 4 Prompt: A Different Perspective 

Nikon D5000 • 1/60 • ƒ1.8 • ISO 3200 • 35mm 

My little guy has been really sick this week. Well, we didn't realize how sick he was until this weekend. All week he had a been a bit off. Cranky, tired, wanting to nap more than usual, not eating... you get the point. He also difficult at school this week, which is out of character for him. We weren't really sure what was happening; I attributed it to a growth spurt or milestone. He tends to 'defrag' right before hitting some great stride, as is common with kids with sensory issues (you can find out more info about SPD here). 

Then on Saturday night he started with a horrible cough and a low grade fever. Ah ha... the past week's struggles made perfect sense. His immune system was gearing up to fight off some nasty bug, and it threw the rest of his senses out of wack. So a warm Eucalyptus bath, an early bedtime, and late rise on Sunday, coupled with lots of homeopathic remedies and some TLC has helped him to work through the worst of it.

Despite not feeling too great, he still had motivation to play with his trains (albeit by laying on the floor and watching them go round the tracks). No reenactments, no role play, no sounds effects, and no movement on his behalf; totally not his typical method of play, but he was still in the thick of it. Since this week's prompt was 'A Different Perspective" I thought this would be the perfect capture to illustrate that idea.

I used Paint the Moon's Candy Light Pop from the Fresh Collection to process the image after a bit of tweaking of the RAW file in Aperture. This is by no means a technically perfect image; the ISO was way high (hence the grain), and it's a bit blurry on his face. However, I think the imperfection lends itself to the prompt and his mood; he's not feeling perfect, so a perfect picture it's not.

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