Friday, January 11, 2013

2/52: This Makes Me Laugh

This year I am participating in Paint the Moon's Let's Do 52 Project for 2013. The overall theme for the year is This is Our Life

Week 2 Prompt: This Makes Me Laugh 

Nikon D5000 • 1/60 • ƒ5.6 • ISO 1000 • 35mm 

I washed his coat one night, only to find out too late that he had stashed a dog bone in one of the pockets. Three cycles later, I wasn't laughing when the tiny bits of crumbled dog treat were finally out of our clothing.

Since then, I have made it a habit to clean out his pockets before doing laundry. I sometimes marvel at the collection of things that he acquires in a week's time. 

My son has a tendency to covet small items that fit in his little palm. Sometimes he is drawn to the texture and other times he likes the color of an item. I never know what I will find in his pockets; a 'long lost' toy, a rock picked up during a recent hike, half eaten snacks (his or the dog's), a living beetle, bird feathers, coins, my mother's stitch markers, the label from his shirt that HAD to be removed, foam stickers, M & M's, the list goes on.

One day these little treasures will evolve into more serious bounty. So, for now I just laugh and treasure what I find in his pockets. And I hope that when he is grown this image will remind me of when he was small and a world of fascination could fit in the palm of his hand

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