Sunday, February 24, 2013

7/52: Negative Space & 8/52: Wild Card

This year I am participating in Paint the Moon's Let's Do 52 Project for 2013. The overall theme for the year is This is Our Life

Week 7 Prompt: Negative Space 

Nikon D5000 • 1/2000 • ƒ2 • ISO 200 • 35mm 

As a designer I know the value of negative space within a composition. It gives the viewer's eye a chance to rest, thus making the overall image easier to process. I always try to frame my shots so that there is reasonable amount of negative space incorporated into the layout. Playing with the depth of field creates great bokeh, and keeps the background elements from becoming distracting. I love the juxtaposition of this image, taken shortly after a record breaking blizzard. The darkness of my son's jacket contrasts nicely with the whiteout of the snow fall and forest behind him. Processed with PTM Add Some Honey (not right out of the can, but with adjustments edited).

Week 8 Prompt: Wild Card 

Nikon D5000 • 1/50 • ƒ5 • ISO 200 • 34mm 

We were given the option to photograph whatever we wanted for this week, so of course I chose my favorite subject! I was out on the back deck taking advantage of the dry weather in order to photograph some new designs and recent orders. My little shadow needed to see what I was doing, and shoved the tremendously heavy slider open just enough to peek through. I managed to catch him before he moved. This is such a perfect manifestation of his impish personality. Processed with PTM Urban Delight(not right out of the can, but with adjustments edited).

Thursday, February 14, 2013

6/52: Good Morning

This year I am participating in Paint the Moon's Let's Do 52 Project for 2013. The overall theme for the year is This is Our Life

Week 6 Prompt: Good Morning 

Nikon D5000 • 1/100 • ƒ1.8 • ISO 800 • 35mm 

Every morning I am the first one out of the house. To some this may seem like a unwanted burden, but I love to be awake and in the woods before the rest of the world has risen. Most mornings it is still dark when I get outside, but on this day I was running late and caught the sun just cresting over the mountaintops. We had an unexpected snowfall the night before; the flakes so light that they clung to every surface. All of the forest sounds were muffled allowing the woods to take on the feeling of a cocoon. I imagined that this must have been what C.S. Lewis had in mind when he envisioned Narnia. I had just a few minutes to relish the stillness and grab the shot before I had to get back to my routine. By the time I returned in the early evening all of the snow had melted and the magic was gone.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

FREE Knit Leggings Pattern

A trim pair of knit leggings are the perfect newborn photo prop. Paired with a matching hat, you’ve got the makings of an adorable set. 

Any Worsted Weight yarn will do. I have used Cascade 220 and KnitPicks Wool of the Andes to make these leggings. You can knit the leggings in a solid color, or use a contrasting color for the ribbing at each end. It might be fun to add stripes as you go along.

This pattern is written for Newborn sized leggings. However, you could increase the needle size and overall length of the leggings in order to make them for larger babies.

The pattern calls for 100-150 yards of worsted weight yarn, but we used much less to make our leggings. 

You can download this FREE pattern from either Ravelry or Craftsy. You may sell finished items made from our pattern, however we ask that you give credit to My Knoodle Knits and link our Etsy shop.

Have fun and share your Knit Leggings on our Facebook and Ravelry pages!

Download My Knoodle Knits Knit Leggings Pattern Here:

Sunday, February 3, 2013

5/52: Finding the Light

This year I am participating in Paint the Moon's Let's Do 52 Project for 2013. The overall theme for the year is This is Our Life

Week 5 Prompt: Finding the Light 

Nikon D5000 • 1/800 • ƒ1.8 • ISO 500 • 35mm 

This week's prompt was a bit of a challenge because the weather hasn't been cooperative. A succession of cloudy days with early sunsets, followed by snow and sleet, didn't afford many opportunities to capture a great picture. Normally I love shooting when it is overcast, but it's been bitterly cold and we are still recuperating from a nasty cold. Neither one of us had any desire to spend time outdoors, so I had to find a way to fulfill this week's challenge inside, literally struggling to find the light.

The best indoor light comes from the Western side of our house through the large windows in the living room. The interior of our house is relatively dark, with the biggest windows facing into the forest, and little to no windows on the Eastern or Southern sides. So the living room has the best light, late in the day, just before the sun sinks behind the mountains. 

I captured this image just as another snowfall started. My little guy is no stranger to snow, but he is always fascinated every time it comes down. I caught him quietly watching the flakes accumulate on the back deck. He commented how unbelievable it was to be snowing while the sun was shining over the hills. It seemed to me to be the perfect manifestation of Imbolc, vestiges of Winter clinging to the Earth while Spring struggles to emerge. 

I used Paint the Moon's Hush Now to from the Fresh Collection to soften the image after adjusting the contrast of the RAW file in Aperture.